A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick-Maker? Small Business Value Explained

If you’re running a small business, chances are you that have an interest in saving your business’ money rather than squandering it on unnecessary items and paying more for your services than you need to.

Airphone Telecom Solutions have developed special relationships with small businesses and our drive is rooted in helping local business owners succeed. Unlike large companies, most small businesses can’t scale effectively; they also have to take on a range of responsibilities, from accounting and human resources, to operations and marketing.

“They just have smaller budgets than bigger companies. In general, they are going to buy the best thing they can afford. If they can’t afford it, then they just can’t afford it, but it’s not because they want to buy the cheapest thing. They want value. They shop carefully. They want something that’s going to endure.” – Naumi Haque, Research Director at CEB

In fact, when deciding which telecommunications supplier to place their contract with, price tends to account for just over a quarter of the final decision for Small Businesses.

We know that switching to a new product or service takes time — and time is something most small business owners have little of. That’s why at Airphone we make it our job to ensure that your connection is seamless, you will have a dedicated account manager whom you can call at any time, something that our clients can’t recommend us enough for!

“We have been with Airphone Solutions for two years and have always found them very helpful.  It is nice to be able to pick up the telephone and always speak to the same person.” – Andy Howett – Administrator at D&T

Small business owners don’t want to waste time and revisit decisions. They don’t want to have to think about it again. They want to buy once. They want it to last. They understand the lifetime value of products and Airphone understand the needs of your small business, whether you are an entrepreneur, freelance photographer, graphic designer, property investor, artist or a small business owner, we treat you as an individual and make sure that we take full ownership of your needs and save your business money whilst delivering a great value service.

Get a free health check for your small business telecoms now by calling one of our experienced specialists on 01733 340034

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