The best network for using your phone abroad?

At Airphone we constantly pick up the phone to customers saying “I’m flying to Italy tomorrow, I need some help with roaming”, and instead of dreaming about laying on a beach sipping cocktails, we find our customers the best roaming solutions based on their needs and their travel plans, Airphone Telecom Solutions are dedicated to saving our customers’ money wherever they may be in the world!

That’s why we’ve put together this quick guide to roaming charges on the top 3 networks – so that you can see for yourself…


O2 offers a range of bolt-ons to help ease your roaming woes. As with most other networks, there’s a European travel provision called O2 Travel. This lets you use your phone in most of Europe without worrying about huge bills. It grants unlimited data for a small fee per day. As you’ll have noticed, O2 makes no free provision for calls and texts. Making calls under O2 Travel costs you an initial connection charge, and that’s it – as long as your call lasts under an hour. Texts cost 4.8p and media messages cost 25p. O2 Travel is available as an add-on to your package on monthly contracts.


Vodafone’s roaming offering is probably one of the simplest. There are two packages to choose from: the Vodafone EuroTraveller and the Vodafone WorldTraveller. Vodafone EuroTraveller lets you take your UK minutes, texts and data with you throughout most of Europe for a daily fee. The only exceptions are a half-dozen Eastern European destinations. 

Vodafone WorldTraveller works in exactly the same way for destinations outside of Europe, for a greater daily charge. It includes the US, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, India and Egypt, among others.


The UK’s biggest network offers inclusive texts and minutes throughout most of Europe as part of a 4GEE Extra plan. Data needs to be purchased as an add-on. However, you can then make calls and send texts from and to countries included in the plan at no extra cost. When it comes to data add-ons, you’ll be offered the options as soon as you land at your destination and open your web browser (with data roaming switched on).

Euro data add-ons are available for 50MB or 100MB in a single day. There are also packages that offer more data over a seven-day period.

It’s also possible to buy a Talk and Text add-on that grants you unlimited calls and texts in Europe for a small fee per day.

EE’s Euro Pass is another handy addtition, giving users unlimited texts and calls plus 100MB of 4G data per day. You’ll have another 400MB available too, but that will be just 3G. To get the Euro Pass  you’ll need to text EUROPASS or EURODATA to 150. The charge will be added to your monthly bill automatically.

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If you’re a frequent flier, think of Airphone as your holiday partner, we can ensure that you don’t come home to a shocking bill for using your phone whilst you’re abroad! Call one of our specialists on 01733 340034 for a quick quote.


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