Samsung S6: The Android Phone Built for Business

Get your hands on the Android phones built for business from Airphone Telecom Solutions.
Make sure your business has the power and productivity it needs by equipping your employees with the Samsung S6 or S6 Edge today. These elegant, secure and modern smartphones are ready and waiting to work.

The most powerful processor on the market
The Samsung S6 is already the power force behind many businesses across the UK and beyond. Ensure you are able to push the boundaries and maximise your work-flow.

With its high speed processor your employees are able to work from anywhere and use business applications with ease.

Due to its speed the S6 is the perfect phone to take advantage of EE’s 4GEE double speed capability.

Wireless and superfast charging capabilities
Don’t let lack of battery get in the way of work. With just a 10 minute charge you’ll be able to benefit from 4 hours of battery life.

No boss likes hearing that a deadline was missed because your smartphone battery died. With the ultra-power saving mode on the S6 you can conserve power for when you need it most.

Finally, with the new wireless charging capabilities you can simply drop your device onto a charging pad for a quick burst of power.

Coveted by businesses and employees.
Every inch of the S6 & S6 Edge screams elegance and power. The impressive display is a major selling point for the Android handsets.

The 5.1 inch screen is the sharpest display on the market and the sleek curved edges allow for a clear viewing area.

The display on the Samsung S6 edge lights up with specific colours when you get calls and texts from your favourite contacts, ensuring you never miss a call from your most important business contacts.

You can get the Samsung S6 & S6 Edge from Airphone Telecom Solutions on a variety of EE tariffs. Call 01733 340034 or email to join the thousands already enjoying these Samsung smartphones.
Samsung Galaxy S6

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