About Us

Since the early 90’s and the remarkable explosion of mobile technology, Airphone Telecom Solutions has earned a reputation for producing low cost, effective and tailored solutions for companies like yours.

The customer relationships we enjoy with many companies that are household names have been built because we have made it our business to appreciate business need from our point of view.

Ensuring you telecommunications function efficiently and are as cost effective as they can be, means this is one potential headache you wont have to worry about.

We retain our customers and win new business because we deliver what we promise; efficient, cost effective, hassle-free mobile and fixed line telecommunications.  We recognise that every business has different needs.


Every customer deserves to be the centre of attention, and that’s where we put all our clients.  We will provide you with the speed, efficiency, cost savings and customer service that you are not receiving elsewhere.

Airphone Telecom Solutions understands that from helping you get the best phones and the best plan, to ensuring that you have every service you need at your fingertips when you are on the go, we are here to help set you up for success. All this, whilst keeping your costs down and ensuring that you are quoted the right package for your business.