Business Landline Solutions

Fixed Line telephony services remain the backbone of many communication solutions, both for voice and for supporting broadband data services.

Fixed Line - Installation & Cabling

We want to help you get your system set up the correct way.  While some providers would abandon you to install everything yourselves, Airphone Solutions offers much more than that.  Not only can we sell you the right products and help set you up with the right plan, we can also help you get everything installed and running smoothly.

If you require any cables to be installed in order to set your office up for maximum efficiency, we can take care of that as well.  It is just another way that Airphone Solutions can make your life easier and get you set up when you need to be.

Fraud Protection

Telecommunication fraud is not new, but modern technology has opened up new opportunities for fraud to take place.  Similarly, voice messaging systems have a number of loopholes that would enable technically minded criminals to hijack them.  Airphone's solution  routes calls in such a way as to minimise risk.  It is deployed across both outbound and inbound call traffic and monitors daily call records, applying thresholds to this traffic.  Should the threshold you set be breached we inform you immediately and put a hold on all outbound traffic or calls to specific destinations.