Business SIP Solutions

With Airphone Solutions as your service provider, you can be constantly prepared for the unexpected.  Our SIP services provide you with a powerful, flexible portfolio of solutions, creating a robust safety net for your voice and data communications ensuring the continuity of your network, wherever and whenever a disaster strikes.

Our data centres are connected directly to the core of the BT and Cable & Wireless networks, with 99.99% reliability which means that you benefit from our flexible, responsive and reliable services 24/7 , 365 days a year.

Our network and service wrap enables a robust end-to-end hosted solution that is setting the standards in the industry and destroying myths regarding the quality of service delivered by SIP and IP telephony.

Some advantages of SIP

  • Provides a private, secure, 24/7 managed voice & data network
  • The ability to reduce analogue & ISDN lines.
  • Lowers equipment costs and offers converged networks (voice, video and data services)
  • Call quality is excellent